As a kennel that strives to produce healthy balanced puppies I do not breed often. When considering a puppy from my kennel there are a few things I think you should know

Any puppy that comes from my home takes a piece of me with them so expect to provide me with updates and call me anytime with questions or brags.

Puppies leave my home having been started on kennel training and started on potty training.

Puppies don’t leave my home til around 10 weeks .

Puppies are fed a raw food diet and are never fed kibble.

Puppies are born and raised in my bedroom next to my bed and I spend almost three weeks in the whelping box with them and their mom .

My puppies are sold on a contract and I co own my puppies until they are fixed. part of that contract is puppies must not be fixed before a year of age. For females 1 year and at least one heat cycle and males I prefer after two to allow puppies growth plates to close up and provide the best health for the future of the puppy.

Puppies are socialized around cats, other dogs, chickens, children , and people as well as exposed to all kind of mental stimulations.

Just because I have a waiting list this does not guarantee a puppy to those first on the list. Puppy homes are picked based on best placement for each puppy .

Feel free to email or message me with any questions 🙂